small film: atlantic city

December 16, 2015

i had the amazing opportunity to attend a convention in atlantic city with my boo thang, amanda, of fashion frees the soul last month.  this was the third time i was able to join her for one of the many conventions she attends throughout the year.  she's basically a certified badass during the day, aka marketing queen at her company, and queen of fashion by night!  i am always soooo grateful for the opportunity to join her and watch her be amazing at her (day) job.  it truly is an honor!

i love all the girl time we get while away on these trips.  after working the booth throughout the day at the convention center, we head back to the room to unwind.  we always end up filling up on junk food while we veg out before getting ready for dinner.  then we get super dolled up and always allow for extra camera time before heading to dinner.

i recorded some of our trip and put together this little film.  i totally filmed with the intentions of making a film just for our keepsake but it's just too funny not to share!!

(critics, be kind!  i'm not a profession film maker ;)  the quality isn't the best and i'm ok with that!!)

i'll be back with some pictures from our stay and some outfit details for those of you that are wondering.

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  1. Hope you had had an amazing time!


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