ornament exchange

December 21, 2015

every year for the past three years a few of my girlfriends and i have gotten together to exchange ornaments.  it was my friend, natasha's idea and it honestly has been a tradition that i look forward to every single year! we have been taking turns hosting at our homes but this year we decided last minute to meet at a local restaurant.

i absolutely love the ornaments the girls gave me.  paula gave me a hot air balloon and natasha gave me the letter "r", which is my first initial ornament!!  (and a matching coffee mug!)  they are just the cutest ornaments and the perfect addition to our little christmas tree.  i gave the girls the most adorable snow globe ornaments that i found at anthropologie.  both of my girlies love anthro just as much, if not more than i do!  so much so that we all gave each other ornaments from anthro!!  we were cracking up about that ;)

aside from eating delicious food and having some long overdue girl time, i totally baby hogged and played with little noel as much as i could.  she is natasha's little bundle of joy and i just love her so much.  she's so happy all the time and she really is just the most beautiful little thing!!  i hope to have a little girl as perfect as she is one day.

do you have any holiday traditions you share with your group of friends?

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  1. This is a lovely tradition! We generally do the 'one new decoration a year' thing but this is a wonderful idea. I like things like this as it means all the decs on the tree are that bit nicer and that bit more special!
    Also- love the name Noel for a girl! Inspiration for if we are blessed with another daughter one day. What a happy soul she looks like.

    1. I love looking at our tree each year and thinking back to who gave me what ornament. It's so special!! And Noel is just so darling!! She's the best little girl in the world <3


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