pretty sweater party

December 23, 2015

ok, so you know that party where everyone wears their ugliest christmas sweater?  well, of course my fashionista friend amanda put a spin on it last year and invited us over for a pretty sweater christmas party.  and because i'm all about traditions (if you haven't been following on, get with the program!!) we, of course, turned this into a tradition and had our second annual pretty sweater party this past friday!  we are just not about those ugly sweaters ;)

amanda always goes above and beyond whenever she's hosting anything.  and the blogger in me absolutely loves it and gets so inspired being around such pretty things!!  we had so much fun having girlie time together.  i mean, who doesn't love girl time!  i swear it's so good for my soul.  we ate way too many sweets and drank the most amazing cran-strawberry mojitos.  ohmygosh!  they were so delicious (and i'm not a mojito person!!).  i'll have to see if i can get the recipe for you guys.

i actually made a mini flan and brought it over.  i've been making it more often and i'm getting so comfortable making it.  i feel like it's so easy to make.  i mean, it's only 5 ingredients!!  i feel like a pro saying "it's so easy to make".  if i'm being honest with you, i cried the first time i made it alone because i thought i messed up the caramel.  and that was not really that long ago.  i could have just been hormonal that day.  either way, the girls said they loved my flan, but maybe they were being polite ;)

ps- my pretty sweater is from h&m two years ago.

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