styled shoot for baby elsa

December 02, 2015

i had the amazing opportunity to style a photo shoot for an old friend's daughter.  she reached out to me asking to book a shoot with junior and wanted me to style it.  i was so overjoyed and excited!!  i love staging and styling.  i love making things look pretty and styling photo shoots is something that i enjoy very much!!

it's not easy to work with babies, but elsa was so darling.  all she wanted to do was watch mickey mouse playing on her daddy's phone.  as long as she had her mickey, she was content.

we step up at a nearby park a a few hours before the sun was about to set, so the lighting was absolutely perfect.  we did have to move the set up midway through the shoot because the sun hid behind a few trees and caused some shadows, but that gave little elsa enough time for a wardrobe change ;)

all of the props used for the shoot were items that my mom has in her home or items that i use to decorate my own home.  the retro phone, milk glass vase and old books were all thrift store finds.  the crochet throws, crochet pillow cases, strands of pearls and chests are all mom's.  i "found" the mini vintage column at my moms, but it's actually my grandma's. (grandmom's always have the best vintage finds!!)  it's so fun to be able to use personal items in photo shoots to make them just that much more special.

if you are in the north jersey/new york city area and would like to schedule a shoot with us, send us an email over to  we would be honored to capture special moments for you.

photography by blissfulkaos.  

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