the change of seasons

December 08, 2015

junior approached me about this idea for a photo shoot depicting the change of the seasons.  he pitched the idea to me and i thought it was the perfect shoot to do in collaboration with my favorite fashion blogger (who just so happens to be one of my best friends!), amanda of fashion frees the soul.  we each represented a different season, her fall and me winter.  it was so awesome to do this blissfulkaos and fashion frees the soul collab!  it certainly won't be the last!!

when i look at these pictures, i can't help but think of  life and how we evolve as people.  (or how we hope to evolve, i should say).  i know, i'm over here getting all philosophical on you ;)  but here me out!  ever since i met junior, he's always encouraged me to be the best version of myself and to be true to myself, always.  sometimes it's not the easiest, but i'm always striving to put others before myself and truly think about how i feel before reacting.  when i look at these pictures, i can't help but think of my own personal growth, from a naive, selfish young adult to something more.  i can't say that i'm perfect (lord knows i'm not!!) but i do think we should all try to be the best versions of ourselves.  and always strive for better.  personal growth is probably the most fulfilling feeling, whether pertaining to education, a career, or just being better in our relationships.  there is always better to strive for.  there is always a new season approaching.  

art means so many different things to all of us.  what do you see when you look at these pictures?

photography by blissfulkaos.  

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