happy birthday, noel iva

June 09, 2016

i had the pleasure of taking some shots of my girlfriend's daughter, noel for her second birthday.  i just can't get over how precious this little girl is!  i swear, i want one just like her!!  today is little noel's birthday and i just wanted to share these pictures with you guys because i can't keep all this cuteness to myself ;)

she is such a smart, independent and happy little girl!  i love watching her personality unfold!  while we were getting ready to take these pictures a few weeks ago, i was helping her get dressed.  i figured she's only two so let me help her with her shoes.  so i put the first shoe on and started buckling it.  noel started saying "nooooo!".  she then took her shoe completely off, just to put it on herself!  buckle and all!  she was so proud of herself too.  like if she was saying "look at me, titi rali!  i can do it myself!!"  go ahead, girl!  you slay those shoes ;)

i'm not around many kids so i don't know what other almost two years olds are doing these days, but i can tell you i was impressed!  and not just by her desire and ability to want to do things on her own but by how well she listens and understands.  i just love her!

happy birthday to you, noel iva!!  titi rali loves you so much!

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