all black with a twist

September 09, 2016

anyone else have trouble dressing casual?  no?  just me?  haha!!!

this seems to be something i've struggled with as long as i could remember!  a quick hang out with a friend and i'm just like what the heck do i wear?!  this is too dressy.  this is ugly.  i can save this for a better outfit.  i've worn this a million times.  please tell me i'm not alone.

i found that having versatile pieces in my closet helps with this problem!  i love layering and as the weather cools, it's so fun to just add on a cardigan, blazer, etc. to change up a boring outfit.  adding a fun piece like that makes it easy to throw on a pair of black leggings, a black tank and run out the door!

on another note!  i was invited to attend a show at fashion week on saturday and junior is shooting on sunday (which of course, i'm going with).  so super excited and so honored!  can't wait to share it all with you guys!

now the real question... what the heck am i going to wear!

shein is having free shipping until september 15th so get your orders in asap!  here are some other versatile pieces that i'm loving...

1. this black lace bomber jacket
2. this pink waterfall jacket
3. this floral bomber jacket
4. this white lace kimono

||  cardigan dress  (as seen here)  ||  booties  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. i loveeeeee how you changed up a simple black outfit by just adding the sweater! -maiioo

  2. Love this look. The dress is a perfect pop of color!


    1. thank you!! i love adding a simple piece to make an outfit pop!


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