#idefinepretty contest for wet seal

September 30, 2016

wet seal has been running a contest online all month looking for girls from all over and their definition of pretty.  i thought it was such a great opportunity to actually share my own thoughts and how i define pretty.

when i found their instagram post about the contest, i immediately sent it to junior and told him i wanted to do a specific photo shoot for the contest.  after he read the rules, he saw that making a video was an option and suggested we do a video.  he asked me what my definition of pretty was and figured out a way to portray that on camera.  we bounced ideas back and forth and i got so excited!

the whole concept of the video was to demonstrate how pretty isn't necessarily something that you have to see on the outside.  so for most of the video you really can't see me.  i'm blurred out so you can focus on my words.  words, and how you say them and the meaning you put behind them has greater power than any mascara.

being pretty to me is more than just our physical appearance.  it's more than just the clothes that we wear or the make up that we put on or even how we style our hair.  being pretty is defined by what we can't see.  it's all about how well we treat others and how positive we are.  it's about happiness and always trying to be the best versions of ourselves.  i define pretty not by what i see on the outside but what's on the inside.  what i don't see.

thank you wet seal for inspiring me to create this video!!

hope you loved the video as much as i do!  it was so much fun to create and i definitely think we'll be doing more of these!!

||  top, skirt and booties all from wet seal  || 

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video and photographs by blissfulkaos.  

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  1. love this! beautiful inside and out :) -mai

    1. thank you so much, love!! as are you my dear xoxo


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