annual ornament exchange

December 07, 2016

this past saturday, i had my annual ornament exchange with my two girlfriends.  i love that we've kept this tradition over the years.  (thank you, tash for starting it!!)  it's always a fun evening to look forward to.  this year paula hosted at her house.  i made a yummy appetizer (baked eggplant slices topped with mozzarella cheese and bruschetta) and paula served ravioli for dinner and baked cookies for dessert.  good food, wine and girl time is always a good idea!

this year, we all ended up gifting each other some sort of beverage holder along with the ornaments which was so funny!  great minds think alike ;)

i gave paula a cute little owl ornament and gave natasha a cute little deer along with gold monogram mugs from anthropologie.  paula gave us gorgeous, vibrant round ornaments with oversized mugs and natasha gave us a cute metal ornament that says home for the holidays with an outline of new jersey and a holiday wine glass.  they make the perfect addition to our tree!

and of course, just like last year, little noel stole the show!  she is just the cutest little thing!!  i love watching her personality unfold.  she is so sweet and loving.  i tell natasha "i want one just like her!" all the time ;)

i hope we always keep this little tradition over the years!  it's my absolute favorite.  are there any holiday traditions you have with your group of friends??  please share!

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