blissfulkaos: the lost girl

January 09, 2017

once upon a time there was a girl.  she lived her life as she thought she was supposed to.  she did all the right things according to society.  she looked at everyone with an open heart.  everyone was good and everyone meant well.  she was always surprised when life didn't go as planned because she was a good person and did everything the right way.

one day, she stepped outside of herself and realized she viewed the world with rose colored glasses.  the world wasn't as good as she thought.  and not everyone she came across meant well.  she realized that everyone has a little bit of selfishness to them.  not in a bad way, but in a real way.  it would make sense that people think of themselves first.  it was just something she never realized before.

she felt lost.

but she knew she was good.  she knew she will always mean well.  because if the girl ever felt lost, she knew she will always be found if she was always true to herself.  and being true to herself meant to always be good and to always mean well.

||  dress via tjmaxx  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. Awesome pictures :) Have a good day :)

  2. Such lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always:-)

  3. Absolutely lovely!
    Always be true to yourself and remember people walk into our lives for a reason! It's such a blessing whether it's a good walk through or not so pleasant because there's always a lesson learned for ourselves.
    I love the post! Keep it up! You're such an inspiration! And so beautiful!

  4. beautiful post! and your hair is getting long!

    1. thank you!! i know, it is!! and now i'm debating on cutting a few inches off ;)


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