oh, you're lovely: vol 2

January 04, 2017

hello, loves.

i started this feature last year and never got around to sharing more of my favorite people to follow.  (see volume 1 here where i shared four of my favorite mommy bloggers).

i've recently found myself caring more about my skin care routine and the kind of makeup that i wear.  i follow a bunch of different beauty vloggers and social media influencers.  i love getting reviews of different products based on what other people with my similar skin type are using.  it just makes it easier to purchase products knowing that someone has tried it and likes it.  (and it's easy to tell when someone is posting something because they are being sponsored versus if they really love something.)

my girlfriend katie actually started a beauty page on instagram, called glam.maquillage, last year and i've found myself going to her page while i'm at ulta to see what different products she's recommended.  i've been lucky enough to get her advice for years and now that she's constantly posting her tips and favorite products, i don't even have to bother her anymore!  (not really, though.  i still bother her!!  thanks boo ;)

she's always given me such great advice when it comes to products to purchase and tips on how to use different items.  we're always sharing different products with each other.  during the summer, she posted about these bomb ass lashes from eyelure.  that same day i went to ulta, and bought them.  they are honestly my favorite lashes!!  (i see her loving the queen b's from koko lashes lately.  brb while i go and place an order).

do you have any favorite beauty gurus you love to follow?  please share!!  i have a ton more so look out for more posts like these ;)

follow glam.maquillage on instagram and let her know i sent you ;)

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