morning routine + teeth whitening (and a giveaway!)

August 14, 2018

i've been getting more and more serious about my body.  i've been watching what i eat and how i care for my skin.  i've been getting in to more routines and taking some more time for myself.  hashtag self-care!  i've always wanted to find a teeth whitening method but i never made the time for it.

i go faithfully to the dentist twice a year and have been for like 5 or 6 years now.  i care a lot about the cleanliness of my teeth and how they look.  girl, i did not go through two and a half years of braces in high school not to be proud of these teeth!  but i've never ever whitened my teeth professionally or took the time to whiten them at home.  and believe me, i've tried!  from those whitening strips that cause sensitivity, to those whitening deals on groupon where you put the light in your mouth and it feels like your teeth are going to fall name it, i've tried it.

as an avid coffee drinker and coca cola lover, i know my teeth aren't as white as they could be or as white as i'd like them to be.  so that's why when smile brilliant reached out to partner with them for this post, i just had to take them up on the offer!  they sent me their t3 sensitive system and after just 6 consecutive uses, i am loving the results!

today i'm taking you through my weekday/work day morning routine.  my biggest issue has always been implementing things into my routine.  once i was able to fit teeth whitening into my daily routine, it was so easy (and pain free)!  

here is what a typical morning looks like for me...

as soon as i wake up and  stop scrolling through instagram get out of bed, i take a shower and apply my custom fit whitening trays.  following the directions, i brush my teeth without toothpaste prior to applying the whitening trays.  it's good to wear them between 45 minutes up to 3 hours and since i usually take 45 minutes to get ready in the morning, fitting it into my morning routine just made sense.  

i'll wear the trays with the whitening gel while i'm doing my hair and make up, then i'll choose my outfit and get dressed.  once i'm dressed, i head into the bathroom to remove the tray and brush my teeth again but this time with toothpaste.  i'll then do the second step of the teeth whitening system, the desensitizing gel and wear that during my 15 minute commute to work.  that's it.  super easy!

there's a giveaway below! don't forget to enter!!

i'm so glad i was able to find a teeth whitening kit that fit into my daily routine, gave me results that i can be be proud of, and doesn't make me feel like my teeth are going to fall out of my mouth ;)

also!!! giveaway alert! smile brilliant is giving one of you the chance to win your own t3 sensitive whitening system via a $149 credit to smile brilliant.  you can enter by clicking this link.  the giveaway is open internationally so all are welcome to enter.  (and i suggest you enter because hello?!  who doesn't want white teeth for free?!)  and if you happen to not win or see something else on their site that you want, you can get 15% off the entire site using code ralizabeth
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