i found my true passion

October 25, 2018

last night at a networking event, someone asked me what i did for a living.  i mentioned that i was a paralegal and we got to talking about that and what he did for a living.   blogging came up and i guess i was speaking passionately about it because he said "oh that's your real passion!"  

i paused and said, yes!  yes it is!!

do you remember this post where i wrote about not feeling good enough to even say i am a blogger.  and now someone pointed out to me that blogging is my passion because i spoke about it so passionately?!  wow, i've come a long, long way.  i can now confidently say i have found my true passion!  and i am damn proud of myself!!

i'm loving this overall dress!  originally, i wanted to have pair this dress with a simple black shirt.  since i've been wanting to step outside my comfort zone more, i paired it with a yellow top instead and i love how it looks together!   believe it or not, i didn't plan to wear green and yellow because of this location but it just worked out like that!  i love how these pictures came out with my girl @life_of_salo?!  i loved being able to collaborate with a fellow influencer!  any other new jersey bloggers or influencers want to collab?!  shoot me an email!  also, don't forget you can shop this look below ;)

tonight junior and i are off to a basketball game.  i won tickets to the knicks v. warriors game at madison square garden and i'm so excited!  junior loves the warriors so i'm thinking it's going to be a great night!
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