prepare a cheeseboard in 8 easy steps

October 02, 2018

i had this idea to create a beautiful (and delicious) cheese board using apples picked right off the trees while apple picking.  i go apple picking every year and i wanted to do it a little differently this year! so i invited my sister and brother in law to come with us.  i figured we couldn't eat all of that cheese by ourselves ;)

i looked on pinterest and got some inspo from my fav online babes (thanks @chasingdenisse and @taza).  i never prepared a cheese board spread and didn't really know what i needed (aside from cheese)  once i figured out what i needed to get, i went to the store and collected everything i needed.

here's a list of 8 things that will help you prepare what i think is the perfect cheeseboard...

1. find a nice cutting board or butcher block.  i bought this one from world market.

2. select at least three difference cheeses...a hard, semi-firm and a soft.  i served parmasean cheese, sharp white cheddar and a brie.

3. choose a meat (or two).  i bought pre-cut hard salami.

4. select several types of fruit.  since we were going apple picking, i only purchased grapes and cut up some apples once we got to the farm.

5. decide on a few spreads and/or dips.  i chose a roasted peppers hummus, strawberry spread and honey to drizzle over the cheese.

6. get some fancy chocolate and nuts.  i bought sea salt and almonds dark chocolate, raspberry dark chocolate, salted peanuts and cashews.

7. add assorted crackers.  i purchased a multipack of different party crackers, rosemary bread sticks and roasted garlic bagel chips.

8. serve with wine, and enjoy!

how delicious does that look?!  let me tell you, it was bomb.  thanks family for indulging in all of the cheese with me!!

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