cherry blossoms

April 17, 2017

i had a great three day weekend. i think all weekends should be three days!  we had a lot of family time since it was easter weekend but we also had some down time, which is always needed ;)

we took these pictures last week while visiting branch brook park in belleville, nj.  i read an article saying that branch brook park has more cherry blossoms than washington dc.  i've never been to dc while the cherry blossoms are out so i personally wouldn't know.  i do want to check it out at least once in my life, though!  if you are in the area, i would recommend checking it out sooner rather than later because the cherry blossoms don't usually last that long.

most of the trees were almost bare when we went last year but after comparing these pictures to last year's pictures, it looks like the trees were more bare this year!  maybe we went too soon in the season?  i don't know!!  i can't ever win!!!  LOL  see our trip to see the cherry blossoms last year here.

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photographs by blissfulkaos 

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