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April 09, 2018

happy monday friends!

ever since we got back from our last vacation, i started viewing our life at home very differently.  we've started going on more date nights during the week and doing more spontaneous things which i absolutely love.  i told junior that it made no sense that we only live our best lives when we're away on vacation or away for the weekend. why can't we do all the fun things on a random thursday or during our days off during the weekend?  and so we've been doing exactly that!  and let me tell you, it feels so good.  i feel inspired to share more since i'm doing more.  and if i can live my best life, so can you.  and that's what i really hope to do with this inspire others to truly live their best life.  whatever that may mean to you.

and since i'm here...i figured it's about time i start sharing more of our west coast trip since it's already the second week of april!  (umm, how?!)  these pictures are from our time in historic los angeles.  this was a super chill day where we didn't really make any plans and just let the day take us where ever we ended up.  it was also junior's actual birthday and  i love how chill he is when it comes to his birthday.  we usually just take it easy on his birthday and it always ends up being the best day.  there always has to be pizza and a movie during the day somewhere, and of course, this year was no different.  we went to this part of LA to go to the bradbury building and we ended up exploring around for a little while.  we stopped in the last book store, we ate deep dish pizza at dough box, bought some fabric to use in the mojave desert (i'll share those pictures in my next post!) and went to the movies.  we saw the greatest showman, which neither one of us really liked ha!  you win some and you lose some ;)

some iphone pictures...

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