golden hour at the lighthouse

June 19, 2018

the first time junior brought me to the lighthouse in cabo rojo, puerto rico was on our honeymoon (almost 5 years ago!).  it is just the most magical spot and one of my favorite places to go when we visit puerto rico.  we rushed over here to watch the sunset and capture a few golden hour images before the sun went down.  since we didn't have much time to explore on this most recent trip, we tried to squeeze in as much as we can during the days that we did explore.  

i have another set of images to share from a swamp area near this light house, an outfit post from la parguera and some pictures from crash boat beach that we took all on this same day!  my dad had called me while we were in route to one of the other beaches and i told him we were beach hopping ;)  we even stopped in rincon to grab a beer and a bite to eat from a bar that junior used to frequent when he surfed in rincon.  again, all in the same day!  

i love our wanderlust lifestyle.  i never really realized how different we live our life and how different we "vacation" until talking to other people.  i guess since we just do it, i felt like it was the norm and most people like to explore, too.  i guess not.  but!  if you want to, trust me when i tell you it really is not a big deal!!  if you start your day early enough, and spend only an hour or two at each location, it's so easy to just hop from location to location.  just make sure the spots are in the same vicinity.

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photographs by blissfulkaos

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