5 local coffee shops

September 24, 2018

i read a tweet that said working a 9 to 5 changes you...you become a coffee drinker, go to sleep early and engage in weather talk.  (see tweet here)  i have to say, this is true!  ha!  at least for me it is!  you can now call me brenda, tysm ;)  but in all seriousness, i never used to be a coffee drinker!  i would only drink coffee as a treat or something to do socially and not because i need it.  and even now, being this self-proclaimed weekday/workday coffee drinker, i rarely drink coffee on the weekends... not unless i am on the go working and i need a pick me up or as a treat at night! 

here's a list of some of my favorite local coffee shops in my area (north jersey):

1. the fine grind.  i love their smores latte and the raspberry mocha latte!  they also have great food and desserts.  i always go to the little falls location, but they have a location in wayne and a kiosk in garden state plaza.

2. kafe neo.  i go here mainly for the crepes but always grab a cup of coffee too so i'm adding it to my list.  they're located in totowa right off of route 46.

3. sweet kitchen.  i love their iced caramel latte!  and they have amazing desserts as well!  they're located in montclair and in super close proximity to anthropologie ;)

4. rock 'n' joe.  this spot is located right in my town, caldwell, and i don't come here nearly enough!  in the past i've ordered just a regular coffee and have enjoyed it.  i've been eyeing their lavendar latte though.  i think i need to try it asap!

5. cafe eclectic.  hands down the best raspberry mocha latte i've ever had.  i think this spot really opened up my love for raspberry flavored lattes and chocolate!  it's also located in montclair and the perfect spot for an after dinner cup of coffee.

are you a coffee drinker? what are your favorite coffee shops?

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