quarantine day 23

April 10, 2020

later today i'm going to make a fort in the living room.  kind of like camping inside.  i'm going to build it around the tv and set up twinkle lights.  i've been thinking about it for a few days now and if you couldn't tell, i'm extremely excited about it.  i can't even tell you when the idea came to me because all of the days are meshing together.  three plus weeks safe at home will do that to you.  i've been in quarantine since march 18, 2020.  i've left my apartment only a handful of times; once to pick up my work computer to work from home,  twice to go on a family car ride and once to head into the office to get some work done that i couldn't do from home.  otherwise the extent of my contact with the outside world consists of taking the trash out or taking indi for a short walk.  life as we know it is changing right before our eyes and all we can do is try to survive.  survive physically, survive mentally, survive emotionally.  doing things like setting up a makeshift studio to take some random pictures to keep the creative juices flowing.  washing my hair and putting on makeup with my afternoon pjs to feel like a human.  wearing jeans around the house to feel like i actually went somewhere.  setting up a fort in the living room with twinkle lights and all of the junk food to have feel like i'm having a new adventure with my husband and puppy.

stay safe and be smart.  sending you all the love and strength!

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