an evening in hoboken

May 31, 2022

unlike previous long weekends, junior and i didn't plan anything special for this past holiday weekend.  we kind of just figured we'd let each day decide what we we were going to do.  we woke up to a lot of rain on saturday morning and decided to take it easy.  i did some house chores and relaxed for most of the day.  as the weather cleared up, we decided to get ready and head out for the evening.  we ate some gummies and decided on going to hoboken for the evening.

when we got to hoboken, we had no real plan in mind.  we figured we would park where ever we found parking and then walk around in that vicinity.  we ended up parking a block away from our favorite pizza spot so we decided that's where we were going to eat after we walked by the skyline.   we headed to the park to people watch and chit chat for a while.  once the gummies kicked in and we started feeling hungry, we walked over to grimaldi's (which is our absolute favorite!  here's the first time we had grimaldi's in brooklyn.  we also ordered a pie to go and ate it in the car on my birthday two years ago here.)  we ordered a few beers and decided to split a margarita pie and an order of spaghetti and meatballs.  it was the best pizza and spaghetti and meatballs i have ever had!  

these simple days together where we don't have a specific plan and just go with the flow are my absolute favorite days.  
ps: see a recap of the day in video form here and junior's vlog here.  

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