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December 18, 2022


i've been loving a good color story when it comes to how i've been dressing lately.  early on in the season, i decided i was going to style my neutral outfits with a pop of color and i feel like cobalt blue has been that color lately.  i'm not mad about it.  

if i'm being honest, i don't intentionally plan my outfits to create a color story.  it's just been naturally happening.  i think when i'm into a certain vibe, i just repeat it until i get tired of it.  i think that's what's happening here.  neutral tones have been my go to for a while now but it's been fun to add different pops of blue here and there.  

this past summer i picked out this purse as part of a collab and fell in love with the color.  then, i started seeing this blue everywhere! i knew i somehow wanted to incorporate it into my style for the season but instead of replacing my current wardrobe, i looked for blue accessories.  i found both the blue heels and hat at zara which matched the purse perfectly.  investing in accessories is my favorite way to switch up my style from season to season without having to spend much.  we love an economical queen, am i right?

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  1. I found your blog when I was looking up pictures of Kate spade purses deciding which to buy on Poshmark. I love your style, please post more pics with purses accessorizing the outfits if you can

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