autumn in brooklyn

November 23, 2015

hello my friends!

i've been wanting to start blogging (again) for the longest time and finally decided to just dive right in! welcome!! i'm so glad to have you here.

earlier this month my husband, junior and i celebrated our two year anniversary.  (i still can't believe it's been two years!  where does the time go?!)  we originally planned to go away for the weekend, since i absolutely love weekend getaways (and vacations in general...who doesn't?!), but that didn't work out.  instead, we took a short drive through the tunnel, and over the bridge to brooklyn.  the plan was to go to the brooklyn botanical gardens, but apparently they close at 4:00 pm on saturdays.  who knew?  so we just aimlessly roamed around and stumbled upon the charm of the city, with camera in hand.  these pictures were actually taken outside of the botanical gardens. i was in heaven with all the gorgeous leaves on the ground.  and then of course we had to stop for pizza (our favorite!) at grimaldi's.  oh so good!

hope you're having a lovely autumn.  i'm super excited thanksgiving is thursday!!  can't wait to stuff my face ;)

photography by blissfulkaos

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