thanksgiving dinner for two

November 27, 2015

happy (belated) thanksgiving, friends!

junior had to work yesterday evening.  womp, womp!  instead of getting upset that he would be missing thanksgiving with the family, i thought i could just make an intimate thanksgiving dinner for just the two of us.  i decided to wake up super early and make some traditional puerto rican holiday dishes that i knew he would love!  i served pernil (roasted pork shoulder), arroz con gandules (rice and beans) and ensalada de papa (potato salad).  i cooked my little heart out all morning and set the table up super fancy for just the two of us :)  i had so much fun cooking an early dinner for just him and me.

after he left for work, i went to my mom's house and spent the rest of the evening stuffing my face some more enjoying time with my family and some friends that joined us.

i hope you had a lovely day yesterday filled with delicious food and all of the people you love.

photography by blissfulkaos.  

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