christmas shopping in montclair

December 09, 2015

montclair is one of my favorite towns to go shopping in during christmas time.  two of my favorite stores, anthropologie and urban outfitters, a bunch of mom and pop shops and antique stores are located in montclair.  i love stopping by at least once during the season to cross a few things off my christmas shopping list.  maybe i shouldn't tell you that it was my own list that i was crossing things off of...but i mean, christmas sales!!!  (hashtag "one for you two for me")

i love stopping at starbucks to get a coffee to keep warm while walking around town.  that caramel brulee latte though!!  ugh!  so, so good!  husband takes the lid off his latte and eats all the whipped cream and crunchies.  i usually ask him to share with me (because i'm greedy and want his plus my own) and he always says no.  so i just end up taking my lid off and eating all the whipped cream and crunchies, too ;)

i should also mention that before coffee, we got pizza at our favorite pizza spot in montclair.  and yes, of course we have a pizza spot in montclair.  we have a favorite pizza spot everywhere!!!!  the slices are so huge and delicious at this spot!  totally hit the spot and a must have when we're in town.

do you have any favorite shops you like to go, especially during the holiday season?

(**edited to include outfit details after some requests!!  hat is from h&m, poncho is from conway (i'm so upset because they closed down the conway near me!  i found some awesome pieces at conway for so super cheap!!), jeans are from american eagle, booties are from h&m last year and my bag is kate spade from marshalls).

photography by blissfulkaos.  

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  1. Freaking love your cape here! I have serious envy!!

    1. Thank you so much!! it was such a great find! <3


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