best way to end 2015

January 20, 2016

junior and i spent the last day of the year at a beautiful water fall in juana diaz called salto de collores.  i read up on the location before we headed over and found out that we had to park at some older man's property. a lot of the places we have explored in puerto rico in the past are just as lax.  when we arrived, we couldn't find anyone but did see a car that appeared to be a rental (tourists!!).  we gathered all of belongings, and walked down to where the waterfall was.  you can actually see the falls from the parking area, so it wasn't a far walk at all.  we were greeted by the little old man that lives on the property and paid him the $5 parking fee.  (can you just imagine this being your backyard?!)  the best part of it all was that the tourists were leaving as we arrived so we had the entire location to ourselves!

we are always in search of beautiful places to take pictures of, but this place was so special.  i laid down on the rocks and just closed my eyes and listened to the water crashing down.  it was the best way i could have ever imagined ending 2015.  i can't even describe the feeling i had!!  i always hope to remember each moment, but if per chance i can't, i'm so glad i have these pictures to look back on to remind me how amazing i felt in that moment of time.

the rest of the day was super chill.  we picked up some lechon for dinner and went back to my in-laws' house to have a traditional puerto rican dinner...arroz con gandules, pasteles and lechon.  delicious!!  once nightfall came, we contemplated going out and ringing the new year at a party, but we opted to stay in and have a quiet night with the family.  best decision ever!  i love having family time and i know his parents appreciated having us there ;)

photography by blissfulkaos.  

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