ethereal wood nymph

January 27, 2016

i'm so excited to finally be sharing this ethereal set of pictures!!  these are my absolute favorite bunch of pictures that we took during this trip to puerto rico.  what a magical experience!!

i have been dying to go to el yunque for as long as i can remember.  when i met junior i asked him to please take me to el yunque and he said that i wouldn't last hiking in the rain forest because of all the insects and animals.  i was a bit whiny and prissy when we met so i guess he thought i couldn't hang.  little did he know, i love hiking and exploring!!  so each time i went to visit puerto rico, while we were honeymooning, and when we went last february, i would beg him to take me!  in his defense, we did try going during our honeymoon, but we were on the wrong side of the mountain so we didn't really get to see any of the waterfalls or experience the magic that el yunque has to offer.

i wasn't going to hold my breath, but we planned to head over to el yunque during this most recent trip and i was so excited!!!  when we finally arrived, we went to the first waterfall that we found that was visible from the road.  we were in awe of the beauty but were bummed that there were so many people around.  we couldn't even get a good shot of the falls without someone photobombing!!  it was getting late and we were worried we weren't going to be able to explore enough to actually find the perfect spot.  we took on the challenge anyway.  we saw a few people coming out of the wilderness all wet and i got excited!  "they went swimming somewhere!  let's go in there!!!"

junior pulled the car over and parked on the side of the road. i threw on my new free people nightgown that i bought  for this exact occasion, and we went in looking for magic.  (i linked a few similar nightgowns i love below!)  we hiked up only for about 10 minutes and there it was!  it was the perfect location.  it was everything i had imagined it would be.  all i wanted to do was twirl around in my gown with the magic of the forest around me.

in that moment in time, i was wood nymph.

photography by blissfulkaos.

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  1. a night gown for a cover up is such a creative idea! I would have never thought! thanks for sharing your amazing taste with us all!


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