oh, you're lovely: vol 1

March 18, 2016

if you haven't already noticed, i love blogs.  i've been reading blogs for years and there are a handful of blogs that i read daily.  i am always interested in finding new blogs to add to my list of daily reads.  i wanted to start a new feature here where i can highlight a few of the bloggers i'm currently crushing on and are so lovely!  hopefully you'll love them just as much as i do!

love taza is a lifestyle blog following naomi, her husband josh and their three littles.  i've been following this blog from way before little eleanor came into the picture and i absolute love them!

barefoot blonde is a hair, fashion and lifestyle blog following amber, her husband david and their two littles.  i started following amber on instagram because of her amazing hairstyles a few years ago.  i quickly fell in love with her and love watching her family grow.

cara loren is a fashion and lifestyle blog following cara, her husband brody and their two boys.  i love following cara because of her amazing fashion sense and her awesome hair!!

sometimes sweet is a lifestyle blog following danielle, her husband hank and their two little boys.  danielle has the most beautiful style of writing and i enjoy reading her posts so much!!

do you see a trend here?  all mommy bloggers!!  no, i'm not giving out any hints.  i just love bad-ass women that know how to juggle it all ;)  any blogs that you're loving lately??  do you have a blog?  let me know in the comments!!

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