fruits and veggies

March 07, 2016

no, this isn't a post about healthy food.  i'm probably not even the person you should turn to when look for advice on how to eat healthy.  hello, pizza lover over here!  ;)

we went to brooklyn the other day to meet up with bobby of this fellow.  we arrived a little bit earlier than scheduled and decided to go get some coffee and hang out while we waited.  we stumbled upon this cute mural in the middle of nowhere.  fruits and veggies on a wall in brooklyn?  ok!  so in true blogger fashion, i had to get photographed in front of it.

i actually love that the wall has a lot of green and i'm wearing green.  that was totally unplanned, obviously, and i think it looks awesome!  i've been seeing a lot of green lately and it's funny because i find myself gravitating towards greens for my wardrobe this season.  although i'm no fashion expert, i feel super cool when i'm on trend!  is green even in this season?  now i'm second guessing myself.  oh well ;)

i'm splitting up the pictures from brooklyn in two posts since they don't have the same feel to them.  i don't think cheery fruit and veggie pictures totally go with dark and dreary warehouse pictures.  wait until you see the shots from the warehouse!  you're going to love them.  well, i hope!  you can always see some sneak peaks over on instagram.

top (similar)
leggings (similar)
belt (similar)

shop some of the green tops i'm loving below!!

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. Great look. Love your hair too, that's so cool. I used to have mine a bit like this and it makes me miss it now!

    -Ruby Xx

    Another Ruby Tuesday / Bloglovin’

    1. thank you so much!! still deciding on what i want to do with my hair next but it is fun having the contrasting colors ;)


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