blissfulkaos: black and white edition

April 01, 2016

all week junior has been reediting some old favorites in black and white and posting them over on instagram.  they are just all slaying my life right now so i needed to share!!  i love how these new edits give the pictures a different feeling.  i highly recommend following along on instagram as he continues to post.  he always writes the best captions!!

i absolutely love this concept!  what do you guys think??

photographs by blissfulkaos.  

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  1. hey its mai,

    thanks for inspiring me to get back into blogging. it was something i was into years ago but i had kinda given up on. But after reading and seeing your blog i have been obsessed with doin one again and i have really been having fun. i also had to do a post shouting you out because you really have inspired me!

    (i tried posting from wordpress but it didnt let me lol!)

    1. ahhh!! i am so totally honored!! thank you so much for all your love and support! congratulations on starting to blog again! i can't wait to following on your blogging journey xoxo


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