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April 29, 2016

hi guys!  i've been a little MIA lately.  life's just been a whirlwind.  i'm leaving on vacation on monday and have been doing so many different things lately that i've had no time to just sit down and write.  just a small recap, we celebrated my mom's birthday at my apartment last friday with a little pizza party and then went to the movies.  we saw the huntsman: winter war.  my sister and i joked that we had a kids party for my mom ;)

last saturday junior and i went to the tribeca film festival, which was so totally awesome!!  we actually won tickets from this fellow over on instagram!  we've been dying to go to the film festival ever since junior moved here 5 years ago so it was such a dream come true!  we played with all the virtual reality stuff which got husband super excited for the one that he preordered ;)  i'll share more on that soon!!

this past wednesday, i modeled hair for my sister's best friend latifa.  she's in beauty school and entered a competition for 1920's hairstyling.  it was such an amazing experience and i was so happy to be there modeling for her!!  she legit killed it!  my hair came out amazing and we actually even came in 2nd place in the whole competition!  woohoo!  go, tifa boo!!  so super proud of you!!!

and now i'm just trying to get my life together before leaving on monday for the caribbean with my girls!  i'm hoping to come back with a lot of gorgeous pictures, so stay tuned!!

i'll try and pop in to say hello next week since i didn't schedule any posts.  but if i don't, see you all the following week!!

here are some pictures for our trip to watchung reservation a few weeks ago (that i've been meaning to share!)  we can't wait to visit again when the river that runs through the park is filled up.  supposedly there's a really nice water fall that is worth the visit!

love you guys!  thank you so much for all your support!  xoxo

||  dress  ||  jacket  ||  sneakers  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. loveeee everything about your outfit! also cant wait for those vacation posts, looks like you ladies had a great time! -mai

    1. thank you so much!! can't wait to share soon! (although i didn't take nearly enough pictures to share ;)


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