date night in montclair

July 07, 2016

a few weeks back, junior and i decided to head to montclair and do what we do.  walk around, take a few pictures, shop and then grab a bite to eat.  it seems to be what we love doing in every city we go to, near or far.

we were walking past this fairly new shop called oil & vinegar when we were greeted by a super eager salesman giving away free samples of popcorn.  we each grabbed on and it was so good, we found ourselves inside the shop!  there were so many different samples of things to try.  we fell in love with the original bruschetta and ended up buying it with olive oil and crackers.  so so good!  i'm so happy we found that little shop and we are certainly going to be frequent visitors there!!

we were going to stay in town to grab a bite to eat, but we decided to be a bit repetitive and went to our favorite italian restaurant in nutley.  it was a fun little date night!  we really need to have more of those ;)

||  bodysuit  ||  jeans  ||  shoes  ||  sunnies  ||  purse  ||  necklace  ||  bracelet  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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