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July 29, 2016

of course junior and i went shopping in montclair the other weekend.  it seems to be something that we enjoy doing so much (see our christmas shopping trip here and our more recent  trip here).  i love shopping local but i also pass up the opportunity to go to anthropologie or urban outfitters.  those stores have the best clothes (especially when on sale!) and inspire me so much!

i snagged up a few dresses while shopping and a cute free people sweater from a local boutique.  it was on super clearance probably because it was off season.  but that's my favorite way to shop!  i have so many cute items for this fall!  can't wait to wear them all!!

montclair seems to be our go to spot this summer especially since it is so close to home.  we literally live two towns away.  i'll certainly miss how close we are to such an awesome town if we ever move!

i also love where we live!!  close to everything (even our best friends!) and such a cute, quiet town with awesome restaurants.  we really need to take advantage of all those awesome restaurants in our own town.  there's this fish taco place that i have been eyeing for a few weeks now!  i think i need to visit soon ;)

||  dress  ||  shoes  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. you look stunning in white! super cute look!

  2. your dress! so pretty! Em x


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