dinner party with apple roses for dessert

October 26, 2016

a few weeks ago, i hosted a little dinner gathering for my poppa since he asked me for a pernil (pork shoulder).  and when my poppa asks me for a special dish, i make sure to deliver because it's not every day that he asks me to cook for him.  and not to mention, i absolutely love hosting!  i noticed i don't invite people over really in the summer time since it's too hot to be indoors.  but now that the weather is getting cooler, i cannot wait to have more gatherings! 

i love setting the table and making it look nice.  when i was younger, my job on thanksgiving was to set the table.  i would set out my moms finest china and silverware and fold the napkins really nicely with the napkin rings.  i still enjoy setting the table and love having my twist on it (mismatch napkins for the win!).  funny, when my sister sat at the table, she removed the napkin from the ring and placed it on her lap.  i immediately said "noo!  those are just for decoration!  no one wants to be doing all that laundry!!"  she looked at me like a had two heads LOL!!!  hashtag keeping it real ;)

i made pernil, arroz con gandules (rice and beans), potato salad and a green salad.  i love sharing my recipes, so if you want to me to share, just let me know!!  for dessert, i made apple roses and i am sharing that recipe with you down below!  it was actually super easy to make and they came out really good. 

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apple roses (recipe adapted from here)
two apples
lemon juice
package of cream cheese
powder sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
ground cinnamon
pastry puffs

1. cut apples in half and core them.  then slice them really thin.
2. put in a large bowl and coat with a little bit of lemon and water.  i'd say about one teaspoon of each.  i would add a little bit of sugar to this part to make the apples a bit sweeter.  but omit if you don't want them more sweet. 
3. microwave apples for 3 minutes
4. mix cream cheese, a cup of powdered sugar and vanilla extract
5. cut pastry puff into 5 strips
6. spread cream cheese mixture on the pastry puff strip, line apples horizontally at the top and sprinkle cinnamon
7. roll it up and put into a greased cupcake baking pan
8. bake at 375 for 40 minutes
9. sprinkle powdered sugar over top and serve!

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