meeting amber of barefoot blonde

October 10, 2016

a few weekends ago, we went into the city to attend a blogger meet up with amber of barefoot blonde.  she is one of my absolute favorite bloggers and as soon as i heard she was doing a meet up, i told junior we had to go.  i know that's not really his thing, but i was so grateful he went with me and tried helping me calm my nerves.  i'm so super awkward and get so anxious for so many things (especially having to talk to people!).  my heart was racing and i felt so stupid!  like she's just a normal girl, why am i so anxious?!  but i even get anxious ordering pizza from the spot we get pizza from every single week.  i don't know why.  my heart starts to race, and i get all sweaty.  it's definitely something that junior has been helping me a lot with (he makes me order pizza sometimes) and i'm so grateful for that.  he's always encouraging me to go outside of my comfort zone.  in the moment i hate it because i hate the feeling of my heart racing so fast, but when it's all said and done, i appreciate it so much.

and that's how i felt after i met amber!  so appreciative that junior came with me and encouraged me.  because 1. i would not have gone alone and 2. i even wanted to leave once we were there and i saw her.  like "omg, what do i say to her?  i have nothing to friggin say!"  but we didn't leave.  i said hello.  we talked for a minute or two, took a picture and were on our way ;)  she was the absolute sweetest!  what a beautiful person, inside and out!  she took the time to talk to each of her followers and was so sweet.

is there anything that you get anxious about and are learning to overcome?  i can't be the only one ;)

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  1. i am so glad you talked about your anxiety and its awesome to hear how junior helps your overcome it. i have anxiety and get homesickness so i completely can relate! ❤️

    1. i feel so silly talking about it out loud because most people don't understand. it sounds so insignificant when speaking about anxiety and seeing how anxiety affects people differently but it's such a real feeling for me. i try to ignore it and overcome it but it doesn't change the fact that that's truly how i feel inside. i feel like the more i normalize it with myself and talk about it, the more i can try and overcome it! i love hearing that other people can relate. <3

  2. I also have anxiety in certain social situations. I am married to someone who is the complete opposite of me in that regard, so it makes for interesting experiences together! I know how you feel about trying to ignore it. It doesn't matter how much I know that it is silly or illogical, because it doesn't change the fact that I still feel that way!

    1. my husband is the exact opposite as well! he's so outspoken and super confident all the time, so i get you 100% ;) thank you so much for sharing!! <3


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