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February 15, 2017

the other day, someone asked me how did i like being a blogger.  i actually didn't know how to answer.  wait, you think i'm a blogger?  in my mind, i just froze up.  i know i answered quick and said something along the lines of "oh i like it.  it's a part time gig.  i also work full time."  and this sparked so many thoughts in my head.  the question itself gave me a little bit of anxiety.  i had to dig deeper.  i wanted to know where that feeling was coming from?

so i thought about it more and realized that in every single aspect of my life, i never feel like anything i do is good enough.  the things that i do seem like no big deal.  my accomplishments are no big deal.  but everyone else's accomplishments are so amazing in my head.  i idolize others and never put myself in the same category as anyone.

i am a wife, but not as good as that wife.  i cook and my husband loves my cooking.  but that wife cooks daily.  i don't.

i am a paralegal.  i got my bachelor's degree six years ago and went back to school and got my paralegal certificate.  i've been working in the same law firm for the past 9.5 years and worked my way up to being office manager.  but i'm not as successful as that paralegal.    she's so much more qualified than i am.

i am a blogger.  i've been reading blogs for the past seven years and started a blog 5 years ago but stopped writing.  i launched this blog a year and a half ago but i feel like a new blogger.  i don't feel like i know what it is to be a blogger.  i'm not as good as those bloggers.

i can go on and on.  it's just the way my mind works.  and in that moment, when i was asked about being a blogger, i couldn't even put myself into that category.  i'm not like those other bloggers.  i'm not good enough.  who am i to even put myself into a category with so many successful people?

and realizing that this was the way i viewed life, i knew i had to change my outlook.  comparison is the thief of joy.

i am good enough. i'm not the best.  i'm probably not even good.  but what is being good anyway?  there is always room for improvement and growth.  but i do a lot.  and i do it passionately.  and that is good enough.

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photographs by blissfulkaos  taken at joshua tree national park, ca.

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  1. You inspire me everyday!! Now if only i could become as stylish as you!

    1. thank you so much! that really means the world to me!! if i can inspire just one person to be their best self, that's enough for me.


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