cold shoulders + 8 things

February 27, 2017

hello lovelies! here's a list of 8 random things...
  1. how adorable is this cold shoulder t shirt? i'm obsessed and it's only $10.00!! what a steal!
  2. my face has been breaking out worse than i can ever remember. my usual stuff hasn't been working. i'm debating trying new products recommended to me or going to the dermatologist.
  3. speaking of going to the dermatologist, i hate going to doctors. i just hate making appointments and hate going. not sure why.
  4. this past friday and saturday felt like spring in february and although i welcome the warm weather with open arms, i am a bit concerned over our environment. it just isn't normal.
  5. we got a new tv media cabinet and i am in love. it totally changes the look of our entire tiny apartment!
  6. i had a tea party friday night with one of my friends. seriously the best time! talk about #fridaynightturnup
  7. junior and i saw the movie get out on saturday. such a great psychological thriller!!! it's not as scary as i thought it was going to be. it just messes with your mind. highly recommend!
  8. we also saw a cure for wellness the week before and that was just as good! another movie that messes with your mind!! i always want to say more about these movies that we watch but i never want to spoil it for you guys ;) either way, i highly recommend as well!!
hope you all have a fabulous monday!!

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  1. Pretty chic! Love your top!

  2. Replies
    1. my new favs! got them on super sale at zara but they're no longer available ;(


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