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May 17, 2017

i had a super up and down day yesterday.  or i should say down and slowly come back up day.  so today i feel recharged.

yesterday i allowed myself to feel.  i allowed myself to cry.  i threw my temper tantrum and let it all out.  and then, i put my big girl pants back on and carried on with the day.  i did things that made me feel good for me.  because i deserve it.  and because if i don't cherish myself, who else will?

i had spent the time with my husband.  i had the pizza.  i did the yoga.  i skipped dinner and had the late night ice cream, too.  so much soul feeding.  so much goodness.  sometimes it's just absolutely needed.

yesterday was a day of trial.  and i think i passed.  i'm all about being positive constantly.  taking each bad thing that happens and turning it into something good.  a lot of the time that means pushing my feelings aside.   i'm so used to keeping myself together and being this strong woman with so much pride and dignity.  but not yesterday.   yesterday, i just let my feelings pour out of me.  and then i did all of the things that made me feel whole again.

and so today i feel new.
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  1. These shots are EVERYTHING! So glad you did what you knew was good for your soul <3

    1. thank you so much for all your love and support xoxo


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