lovely florals

May 01, 2017

it's been really feeling like spring time lately and i'm here for it!!!  except for how bad my allergies have been lately.  (you can actually see how swollen my face is in these pictures but whatevsssss!)

i'm obsessed with this floral romper!  i got it at a recent shopping spree that charlotte russe took me on as one of their cr it girls ;)  they sure do know how to spoil a girl!!  i chose three different outfits, this floral spring time look, an every day look and a festival inspired look.  i can't wait to show you my other two outfits!!

this past saturday i took my first hot yoga class and i absolutely loved it!  in the middle of the class i was thinking "never, never again!"  it was hot.  it was hard.  i was done!  but as the class came to an end, i fell in love!  i sweated more than i have ever sweated in my life and i loved it!!!  it gave me so much energy throughout the day.  i mean, i was go-go-go for the entire day.  i loved the burst of energy it gave me!  i'm going again tonight and i can't wait!

||  romper c/o charlotte russe  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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