halloween with charlotte russe

October 28, 2017

i teamed up with charlotte russe to bring you three different (and super easy) halloween looks.  i'm sharing them here in order of super easy to a little more involved (but still easy).  i am by no means a makeup artists so believe me when i say, if i can do these looks, so can you!

first up is a black lace bunny.  i mean, honestly i don't even know what to call this look but i'm wearing black lace bunny ears, so let's go with it ;)  these ears were so super cheap at charlotte russe! i got the dress from charlotte russe as well, but if you're pressed for time and need a last minute costume, you can totally wear any black outfit, throw on the ears, a red lip and call it a night!  i borrowed my friend's blonde wig too just for effect.  but again, super, super easy because i didn't even have to put eye makeup on!

next we have medusa!  this is actually my favorite halloween look that i've ever done!  i found a gold dress at charlotte russe and purchased some rubber snakes (that i spray painted gold).  the makeup was inspired by desi perkins (well actually, the whole costume was!  i saw her video and new i had to recreate it if i found a gold outfit from charlotte russe).  the makeup was very easy to do since there isn't much blending!!  i purchased gold leaf at a craft store and just followed desi's tutorial.  i also added a blonde wig (again, borrowed from my friend) and threw in some braids inspired by this tutorial from barefoot blonde hair on instagram.

and last up is a day of the dead look.  i found this burgundy flower crown at charlotte russe and knew i had to do something with it.  i grabbed a black gown from my closet that i already owned and did some skull inspired makeup.  depending on how in depth you are with the make up determines how easy or difficult this costume is.  if i'm being honest, i tried to do the full on skull look but failed miserably.  so i just left the eyes ;)  because of the make up, this look can be a little more involved but you can always keep it simple like i did.

i hope you got some inpso for your halloween costume!  i had so much fun creating these looks to share with you guys!!!  thank you charlotte russe for all the goodies!!

all items listed below are c/o charlotte russe:
||  gold dress  ||  black dress  ||  bunny ears  ||  flower crown  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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