street festival fun

October 06, 2017

this past weekend, junior and i headed to a street fair that was happening in our town.  there were a bunch of vendors selling different items and all kinds of food trucks.  i wanted to go mainly to get pizza from my favorite sit down pizza spot in town but by the time we made our way over there, they were already closed for the day.  an hour before the end of the fair.

womp womp!  i was so disappointed but we just headed over to an empanada truck to try out some of the empanadas.  this truck was called empanada guy and we always go to a cafe nearby called empanada lady so we wanted to try the competition.  let's just say, our spot (empanada lady) blows this food truck out the park!  no comparison!!!  ha!

we also stopped at a 50/50 booth to win some money.  $5 ticket for a $30,000!!  needless to say, no one called me to tell me i won.

seems like the day was a total miss LOL but we had fun nonetheless ;)

||  sweatshirt  ||  jeans  ||  shoes  ||

here are some fall pieces that i'd love to add to my closet this season!

||  one  ||  two  ||
||  one  ||  two  ||
||  one  ||  two  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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