blissfulkaos: right of passage

November 29, 2017

i woke up this morning thinking about this idea of having a right of passage to feel certain things or to do certain things.  maybe i just created this whole notion in my head.  or maybe it's just an unwritten/unspoken rule of life.  this idea that you have to experience life to understand it.  or you have to suffer to be able to appreciate the good.  or this idea that something has to happen to you so you can have an excuse to change your life.

going through life experiences, whether good or bad, does give people an insight on life, but you don't have to wait until something happens in your life to change it.  you don't have to wait for this right of passage to do the things that you want to do.  or change your life in a big way.  we are all capable of being amazing humans and we don't have to wait for a life event to occur to make those changes.

i'm writing this as if i'm giving you all a pep talk but in reality it's a pep talk for me.  feeling inadequate is something i struggle with.  i see people who had a hard life and make something of themselves.  started from the bottom, now we're here kinda thing.  what if i didn't start at the bottom?  what if my childhood wasn't really that awful?  sure i have things to complain about, don't we all.  but i didn't start at the bottom, so to speak.  so does that make the woman who started at the bottom and made something of herself better than me?

no!  not at all!  good for her and good for me, too.  there's room for all of us.

so, just in case you thought you needed some specific right of passage to do things, i'm here to say, you don't!  go ahead and be the badass that you are.  cut your hair if you want, don't wait until you have that crazy breakup or wait until after you get married.  change careers if you want, don't wait until you get fired or laid off.  book that vacation because you deserve it, don't wait until your so overly exhausted with life.

go out and live your best life.  i'm going to be doing the same ;)

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