two year blogiversary

November 27, 2017

i hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving weekend.  i had a four day weekend and waking up this morning to go to work was super hard!!

i spent thanksgiving with my family while my honey worked.  i left my mom's early to bring junior dinner once he got home.  we ended up sitting at the table, just me and him, and a bottle of wine, and chatted about life for an hour and a half.  out of everything, that was my favorite part of the day!  i love that we can still have deep conversations about life and truly just enjoy each other's company.  i am most thankful for him (usually) every day of the year ;)

this past thursday was also my two year blogiversary!  i can't believe it's been two years since i've launched oh, she's lovely.  i love having this platform to share whatever my little heart desires!!  i am so grateful to have you here following along and really look forward to what the future holds.  also, last week i finally purchased and i'm super happy about that!  yay for little milestones!!  thank you, thank you, thank you for all your love and support.  it truly means the world to me!

||  sweater c/o shein  ||  pants (similar)  ||  shoes (similar)  ||

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