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December 18, 2017

hello friends!  i hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

i had a great weekend hosting my annual ornament exchange.  i'll be back wednesday to share all the details.  it snowed over here on friday and i thought it was a good idea to head to ikea, which is about 30 minutes away.  but since it was snowing, it took me 2 hours to get home!  horrible, horrible idea!  but luckily i made it there and back in one piece ;)

christmas is in exactly one week and i am not ready at all!  we do secret santa in my family and i am about 90% done with that gift.  i still have to shop for other people in my life, though!  talk about procrastinating!!  i don't think i've ever been this bad with christmas gifts.  oh well!  hopefully i get it all done before next monday.  speaking of which, i should start making a list and attempt to tackle it today.  we shall see.

this is one of my favorite kind of outfits to wear...all black with a statement piece.  i usually always dress in basics with some kind of statement piece, whether its a jacket, a pair of shoes or even just a top or bottom.  i find that it's the easiest to come up with outfit ideas when you have a bunch of basics on hand.  in this case, a plain black tshirt with black leggings.  i threw on a pink suede jacket and some grey boots and called it a day!  what is your easiest go-to outfit to wear?

||  top  ||  pants  ||  jacket  ||  boots  ||

^^my handsome
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