a season of growth and social media

March 22, 2018

hi all! i've been a little bit MIA for no real reason. i've been going through a season on growth and i guess i've just been taking time out to figure out this space and what social media is starting to mean to me.

i still feel this dire need to share, not because i think any one really cares about my life but more so because it's always been who i am. instagram has really changed a lot and my engagement on that app has dropped significantly. i guess it's gotten me more down than i'd like to admit. which is so silly when i say it out loud because i never joined instagram for the likes or follows. i joined back in 2012 because i genuinely enjoy sharing my life. i always have.

back when aol was poppin, i had my aim...aol instant messenger for those of you that never had aim. my first screen name was pdchica83 and just for the fun of it, let me break that down for you...puerto rican, dominican chica, 8 for august, the month i was born and 3 because it was my favorite number.  oh, the good ol' days!  after that, i had a migente page which was a social media site, kind of like myspace but just for spanish people (i remember there also being black planet and an asian social media site, too!).  did anyone else have a migente page?!  and then of course, myspace, facebook, and the list obviously goes on, and on!

my point is, i've always been a social media girl.  and now, with the way the culture of social media has changed, i feel like i need to evolve too.  and do things a little differently.  i'm not even sure what that means for me and this space, but i noticed that i started only sharing super curated moments.  and that's not me.  i'm random, i'm clumsy, i'm weird, i'm awkward.  i want that to really show because in 10 years when i look back on this season of life, i want to remember all my quirks.  the purpose of this blog is to document my life as i live it and not necessarily live my life the way i want to document it.  if that makes any sense.  and that doesn't mean i'm going to stop taking poppin' ass pictures!  i love creating and junior takes amazing pictures...but i do have to find a way to incorporate more of my day to day life in pictures.  i guess i'm challenging myself to document the boring parts of my life too.  and make those pics look poppin, too! ;)

anyway, that's all the rambling i have for you today.  here are some pictures of a snow storm from two weeks ago.  we got more snow yesterday but i was in no mood to go out there in the elements.  getting a snow storm on the second day of spring was a little depressing to say the least.  but!  i did film a really awkward "get ready with me" video for my youtube channel so get ready to really see how weird i am ;)   (it should be up soon!)

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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