inspired vol. 7: channeling my inner kyrzayda

March 05, 2018

today i am channeling my inner kyrzayda.  although, who am i kidding?!  i can never even compare to this gorgeous woman!!  if you don't know who kyrzayda is, are you living under a rock?  ok, i kid.  but seriously you need to follow her blog and instagram immediately!  well, after you read this post ;)

kyrzayda is a fashion/lifestyle blogger and has been recently diagnosed with stage four cancer.  she has not let her diagnosis stop her or even slow her down.  on the contrary, she is fighting harder than before.  and man, is she inspiring!!!  i love her attitude and her strong will to succeed.   if i can be half of the woman that this gorgeous lady is, i would be satisfied!  and not to mention, i am obsessed with her fashion sense.

i have seen her wear dresses with jeans for several years now and i finally decided to give it a try.  i was weary at first, but this outfit was so easy to wear and is the perfect compromise for this in between weather we've been having.  it's not warm enough to just wear a dress with bare legs yet, so this is the perfect excuse to switch things up a bit.

below are a few dresses that i'm eyeing that would go perfect with this dress with jeans trend.  be sure to check out kyrzayda's blog to see how she style's dresses with jeans!  would you try it?

||  black maxi  ||  pink maxi  ||

||  pink floral  ||  red floral  ||

||  taupe maxi  ||  white floral  ||
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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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  1. Beautiful! Don't forget your accessories!!

    1. Thank you!! Funny enough, I don’t wear many accessories! To each their own ;)


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