harkness memorial state park, waterford, ct

July 06, 2021

it's 9:30 pm and i was thinking about sharing a late post on my instagram. a little photo dump from our time in harkness state park in waterford, conneticut.   earlier today i shared this reel and i figured i wanted to share these photos, too.  as i was typing my caption, i wrote out "back in my blogging days, this would have been a blog post".  and then i thought, wait this would be a good blog post.  so i stopped posting on instagram to come here and blog these photos from our little road trip this past weekend.

we decided last minute to do something, anything, for fourth of july weekend.  it was a long weekend after an extremely long work week (for both of us).  originally on monday, i suggested acadia national park but after i told junior that was an 8 hour drive, neither one of us brought it up again.  "want to do to acadia national park this weekend?"  "sounds like a plan.  how far is that?" "8 hours in maine"  "oh" followed by a bunch of surprised and laughing emojis.

saturday rolled around and we still hadn't decided what to do or where to go.  junior suggested DC and i almost agreed but i just felt like it might be a little too hectic for the fourth of july.  on the morning of, we changed our plans last minute and decided on a state park in conneticut that we had passed by last year, rocky neck state park.  

when we got to the park, we were welcomed with a few signs that read "no dogs allowed".  i was bummed.  we had just gone last year with indi, no problem!! we figured it had to have been because it was a holiday weekend.  junior made a u-turn and we were back on the road with nowhere to go.  we both got grumpy and were annoyed trying to figure out where we could go with indi in tow.  after some strong words were exchanged and i got a few snacks in me, i was able to find a nearby park so we headed in that direction.

as soon as we arrived in harkness memorial state park, junior parked and immediately laid his seat back to take a nap.  he needed it! (and so did i, ha!)  after we were both fully rested, we set out to finally enjoy our day.  the park wasn't anything out of this world but it was really nice (and better than nothing at this point!).  we sat by the water and chatted a bunch.  we played fetch with indi and people watched a little.  after awhile, we started heading back to the car to head home (and beat the traffic). 

we made it home just in time to heat up some leftover penne vodka with chicken cutlet pizza (but not before stopping at the outlets so junior could look for some pants from abercrombie, lol).

|| dress from anthropologie (super old) || sneakers || earrings || jean jacket || sunnies || blanket (similar) ||

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