happy new year: 2022

January 01, 2022

 i spent the last day of 2021 all dressed up at home, drunk while live on junior's tiktok. we took a few pictures and made a video i shared on tiktok and we danced with a bunch of strangers online hanging out with us.  once it was time to cook dinner, i changed into sweatpants and cooked while drinking an entire bottle of champagne.  it was so unexpectedly fun.  i had a specific menu in mind so i went to the grocery store earlier in the day and picked up all the ingredients that i needed (plus a bottle of champagne).  i also randomly went to the mall the day before to see if i could find a shimmery top to ring in the new year with.  it was a last minute thought and it was so perfect (and only $9)!  i also saw this tiktok video of hair tinsel and i swear i never ordered anything that fast from amazon before (thank you prime for next day shipping!).   everything fell together so perfectly.    i seriously couldn't have planed a better night even if i tried.

today, i took the day to rest.  i wanted to just slow down so i did.  i had originally wanted to be extra productive and create content so i could start the new year with content stocked up to share.  to come up with a new posting schedule.  junior and i even spoke about filming another multi-outfit couple video but i woke up with the biggest urge to slow down and rest, and that's exactly what we did.  it felt amazing and was just what i needed.  more of listening to my body in 2022, yes please!

i've been meaning to put together a mood board or make a list of goals and i just haven't done it.  making goals feels so intimidating to me so i think i'm procrastinating.  that's clearly an area that i need to work on in my growth so i'm just going to acknowledge that and start one thing at a time.  i'm not starting the new year with this long list of goals and this super aesthetic mood board and i don't think i need to feel bad about that and honestly, i don't want to feel bad about that.  i've been wanting to start blogging again and so instead of writing that out on some list that i'm going to forget about in two weeks, i'm here showing up, just doing it.  more of that in 2022!
i say, more gratitude in 2022!  and more showing up as we are!  cheers to you and to me in this new year.  may we be the best versions of ourselves and if that's too hard, may we at least be grateful for showing up.  these past couple years have been a lot on all of us.

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