repeat + restyle

January 23, 2024

this past weekend when i was getting dressed, i couldn't resist the millennial urge to wear a black top and blue jeans.  it's sort of become my unintentional uniform and i'm not mad about it but also, how boring for a girl like me who loves playing dress up!  i decided to take out my green wool coat to a little bit of spice to an otherwise boring outfit and couldn't help but think back to all the times i've styled this green coat the past couple years.

in a world where constantly chasing the next big trend is the norm, i've always found myself as a bit of a rebel wanting to restyle my clothes over and over again.  the real magic is in the details. a fun accessory here, a smart layering move there, and bam!  my look transforms into a whole new vibe.  it's about being a resourceful and creative, coming up with new looks without having to break the bank.  in this economy, i think we could all use a little resourcefulness and creativity!

speaking of the bank, let's address how economical it is to rewear the clothes you already have in your closet. i grew up wanting to buying a new outfit for every occasion.  as i got older and gained more responsibilities, i quickly learned that wasn't sustainable.  i challenged myself to live more intentionally, adding pieces to my closet that i knew i would want to rewear and restyle for years to come.  for me, it's become second nature to constantly restyle my clothes. 

i hope to inspire you with my green coat analogy today.  it isn't just a style statement; it's a manifesto – a reminder that real style isn't about keeping up with the trends; it's about owning your look and slaying in the same outfit twice.

find something you love.  wear the heck out of it.  and then, repeat and restyle.

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