the art of timeless style: rewearing and restyling wardrobe staples

September 13, 2023

in a society driven by fleeting trends, there’s something inherently stylish about the art of rewearing and reviving staple pieces. while i still update my closet with the latest fashion trends, i get the most joy in creating looks that stand the test of time. let’s explore the beauty of repeating, restyling, and investing in pieces that are eternally chic with this pre-fall, transitional outfit.

1. the power of repeating: 

repeating doesn’t mean wearing the same outfit over and over, (although that's cool, too); it’s about reimagining and restyling your favorite pieces. my go-to pieces to repeat for years to come are high quality pieces that i invest in. this grey halter dress was a splurge purchase from several years ago during one of anthropologie’s semiannual sales. pro tip: shop for investment pieces at the end of the season!  i like to look for neutral pieces that i know i can style a variety of different ways by adding trendy accessories. i have repeated and restyled this dress many times throughout the years, breathing new life to it by mixing and matching accessories that are trending.

2. restyle with current trends: 

styling your staple pieces with current trends is a sure way to make the trends your own. some current style trends for the upcoming fall season are red, denim, statement jewelry and designer. i took my neutral dress and paired it with a denim jacket for a modern, chic ensemble. i also added bold gold accessories, trendy footwear and a designer bag, all of which are staple pieces in my wardrobe that i have invested in and restyled many times throughout the years. the key is to balance classic elements with current trends, creating a look that's both timeless and on trend.

3. invest in timeless pieces:

while it's tempting to indulge in the latest fashion trends, investing in timeless pieces is a smart move for your wardrobe and your wallet. classic items like a neutral dress, a well-made handbag, or a pair of quality boots can last for years and transcend seasonal trends. these investments not only reduce the clutter in your closet but also save you money in the long run. when shopping, again, be sure to take advantage of end of season sales, like buying boots during the summer and dresses during the winter. 

in a world where fashion is constantly evolving, mastering the art of repeating, restyling with current trends, and investing in timeless pieces is a true testament to your style.  with a little creativity, you can breathe new life into your statement pieces, crafting looks that are both timeless and trendy.  

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