life update: taking it slow

May 21, 2019

i have slowed down as of late and have just been filling my days with finding a new normal.  i never feel bad for taking it slow, hitting the pause button and just taking some me time.  i've been meaning to come on over here to share what's been going on lately and have just not made the time to do it.  today i'm making the time.

junior and i have moved from our teeny, tiny one bedroom apartment and are now in a more spacious one bedroom apartment.  the reason for our move was to add a new member into our family of two.  please allow me to introduce our fur baby, indi.  indi is the soul that i've been missing in my life.  since the moment he was set in my arms when we picked him up on april 6th, i knew he was born just to be mine.  it's insane how that can happen.

he is a blue merle miniature australian shepherd with one blue/brown marbled eye.  he's been doing great with potty training and only has accidents on the weekends, when our routine is thrown off and we fail as doggy parents.  he's super energetic and loves all people and all dogs.  we already know how to sit, stay, lay down and come here inside the home but outside with all of this big world's distractions, we forget how to listen ;)

i am enjoying this new season of life so, so much, soaking in as much puppy time as i can!!

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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life update: taking it slow